Hemp is the second-fastest growing plant on the planet, behind bamboo.
  • Fast growing industry

    It is a multi-purpose crop of which each and every part of can be used, and everybody along the value chain can profit.
  • There are two kinds of hemp fibres:

    Long fibres on the outside of the stem, used for textile applications, and short fibres within that look like broken wood chips. The short fibres, which account for three quarters of the stem’s biomass and have been mostly useless until recently, are where potential hemp applications get interesting.
  • Hempcrete

    For example, the fibre can be used to make a product called hempcrete, a mix of water, lime and the short hemp fibre. The product can be used to pour walls or make building blocks with excellent R-values, which means that there will eventually be required several tonnes a day of short hemp fibre just for biobuilding products. Hempcrete is done with hurb not fibre.