new cannabis legislation

As part of the new cannabis legislation, the Government of Canada is updating the industrial hemp regulations to allow the industry to harvest the flowering heads, branches and leaves of the crop immediately.

new revenue source & market opportunities

These changes are opening new revenue source and market opportunities for hemp producers by enabling the sector to research the most efficient and economic ways to capture the full value of the hemp plant. This means that the real future of Canadian hemp is in the fibre, according to researchers.

hemp seed vs hemp fibre markets

Currently, the market is strong for hemp seed but the fibre market is stalled due to a lack of a processing plant. The proposed feasibility study will confirm a) the existence of a market for hemp fibre and b) design specifications for the construction of a potential hemp fibre processing facility in northern Alberta, as well as identify sites for satellite hemp decortication sites. Such a facility would create several in-house highly skilled positions for the final processing of hemp, as well as others in the regional satellite decortication sites, and potentially several hundred more jobs in the farming sector.

The Canadian hemp fibre industry

That being said, the need for regional decortication facilities is the biggest challenge. There are only approximately 10 decortication plants operating commercially in the world. The Canadian hemp fibre industry has been slow to develop, and only a few western Canadian decortication and processing companies exist or are at a pilot stage.