What is Hemp?

Hemp is the second-fastest growing plant on the planet, behind bamboo. Each plant is made up of approximately:

bast fibre 30

hurd 60

chaff 10

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About the project

HANA is an independent steering committee working with the Alberta hemp fibre value chain in Canada and internationally to drive the development and utilization of Canadian hemp fibre products.

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Why Hemp Fibre?

A rising demand for alternatives to wood and synthetic fibres, as well as high costs of petroleum products, points towards hemp’s future potential in a variety of industries and applications.

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Discover the Hemp industry

Discover the Hemp industry

We are currently experiencing a phenomenal boom to the hemp industry, not only in Canada, but more specifically in the western province of Alberta.

The Alberta Context A Booming Business In Canada
Why Hemp Fibre?

Each plant is made up of approximately


Bast fibre